Baby, it”s hot outside! Perfect time to stay inside and hold one another, work on a puzzle, watch a beach movie, perfect a recipe, or sit in the outdoor spa and watch the finches twitter about.

Aaron’s Gate Country Getaways are great indoor country getaways. With large windows looking out into the woods, you get the best of both worlds.

Slip off to some cool antique shopping in Guthrie or visit a museum.

Also early in the day or later in the evening, you might enjoy a comfortable massage.

You can hardly do better than the cover and SIX pages of photos and story! We are so excited to be the cover story for this month’s Edmond Active Magazine!

Chris Hultner took wonderful pictures of the French Hen and Meadowlark Barn and then came by the Inn to photograph Remembrances, Magnolia Suite, Crown Jewel Villa, Garden Room and Emerald Nights. It is fun to see the rooms from someone else’s point of view and camera.

My new friend, Sherri Hultner wrote the article. Her enthusiasm is absolutely infectious!

Thank you for checking out their story. Sherri says to watch for more! Remember, these are pictures of your “happy place”.