COUNTDOWN TO SUPER BOWL! 14 days, 4 hours and 40 minutes! Sunday February 6, 2011. Book a room or cottage at the Arcadian Inn, get a Dinner Basket for Two for half-price ($25). Bring your own beer. 🙂

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Guthrie, Oklahoma’s Honeymoon Cottage Bed and Breakfasts

Gary and I went into Guthrie last evening for dinner at the Stables. We love their onion “rings”. On the way back to Aaron’s Gate, we saw the horizon lighting up as the moon began to rise. We sat on the bridge over I-35, watching this GIANT moon come over up over the horizon. He seemed to be winking at us as he rose.

Do you live where it is hard to see the stars? These cold winter nights, the stars shine brighter than ever out at Aaron’s Gate. Looking up through the trees from your hot tub, the stars twinkle like diamonds. Your own field of diamonds.

While our newlyweds cuddle up with a movie and hot cider, our corporate ladies are bundling up for dinner on the town and hot baths upon their return. What a way to travel, if business calls you away from home. A giant Jacuzzi, hot cider, Arcadian Inn Maple Walnut Cookies, and Comphy Sheets on your bed…and All to yourself. No snoring, no cat in your face…It’s all about you.

We love having our women business travelers stay with us. As they arrive, the house becomes all giggly and cozy. It immediately turns into almost a Chick Trip. They are like family because we can look forward to their return several times a year.

If you have business guests or come to Oklahoma City yourself, please give us a call. We would love to be your home away from home.

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Robert & Julie just left Parrot’s Cove and came by gift shop to purchase a set of our Comphy sheets. They are almost as good as the Vanilla Butter Sauce! They are “to die for!”

What am I talking about?!

For years now our children have been playing with these luscious soft stuffed animals made of microfibers. As mothers, we swoon over the softness, holding onto those Teddy Bears for just one more cuddle!

Imagine your bed feeling that soft! It’s awesome! Glorious white sheets that are so soft that even the men are commenting. Comphy Co. sent a set for us to try and immediately Gary noticed how “nice” these sheets are. When I told our sales representative, she shared how the ladies at Comphy tho’t Mr. Howard Stern might enjoy a set too. So they sent him a set! (Gotta love it)

Comphy Sheets are just part of the New and Improved Arcadian Inn and Aaron’s Gate for you to look forward too. Add the beautiful sheets to our new Complimentary Pillow Menu and you have a bed from heaven. To see our luxury amenities, hover over “guestrooms” and click on “included luxuries” on the drop-down box.

Give our new sheets a try this Valentines!

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Oklahoma’s Best of Town & Country Boutique Bed & Breakfast

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New Year’s Eve, 1989…
our first as owners of the “big yellow house”. Temps were in the minus degrees, ice was building hard on the shower of the apartment over the garage because a line had broken but there was no way to get heat up there. The big house stood gutted and empty except for a “bum” who slept occasionally in some carpet pad in the front parlor. No electricity, no heat, no heart and soul, no family yet.

Gary and I had a dream. That New Year’s Eve, we went to dinner and then came to the house to check on it as we did nightly. We walked through the dark, cold rooms holding hands, talking about what the house would look like the next Christmas. “The tree will stand here so be sure that we have outlets for it here.” “The guests will come down to eat at the antique dining table.” “Do you want carpet over these hardwood floors?” So many decisions, but so much excitement and joy at the birthing of our own bed and breakfast.

We had 2 little boys at the time. Mark was 7 and Stephen was 2. We never gave a thought to running a bed and breakfast with children. My only concern was the very busy street outside and a 2 year old. But the 2 year old, the dog and the cat never ventured into the street.

January 3, 2011
So many things have changed in over 20 years. The Christmas tree has moved around the front room a bit. We serve cider on the antique dining table and serve breakfast privately to our guests in the rooms by candlelight. Yet we never put carpet down on those old hardwood floors.

The boys are 28 and 23 now. Mark manages the Inn with us and is raising his children, Allie 8 and Christian 4, next door to the Inn. Stephen and Jenn live in the house we lived in when he was born before we moved to the Inn.

The Inn is shining warm and bright now with the sound of music in each guest-suite and the smell of Arcadian Inn Maple Walnut Cookies.

Everyday, Gary, Mark and I dream. “We can put the new complimentary pillow menu in the email we send before the guests arrive, that way they can choose ahead of time.” “It’s time to do our Valentine’s waffles with strawberries and chocolate but let’s do it just a bit different.” “I found a great cd to play in the front parlor during Valentines.”

Back in 1989, it never occurred to me that we might offer en-suite’ massage to our guests. But then again, I didn’t think guests would want/need the televisions and DVDs either. Stephen’s wife, Jenn is a massage therapist and is on staff now with Therapeutic Touch Massage. She helps with massages for our guests.

The dream is even bigger now as we plan elopements, babymoons, chick-trips, host business travelers, and of course the cottages…The Best of Town & Country!…Aaron’s Gate Country Getaways.

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Eagle Watch at Lake Arcadia this weekend!

Great dates to Elope January 11, 2011 (1-11-11) September 10, 2011 (9-10-11) and November 11, 2011 (11-11-11). Book online to set your elopement date.

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