Gary and Martha Hall enjoy sharing the fun of their country home with guests to Aaron's Gate. You won’t see Gary and Martha though, because they really want you to experience a getaway from everyone else but one another.

Gary and Martha opened the award-winning Arcadian Inn in 1990. Along with running the Arcadian Inn, Martha was the inspector for the Arkansas Bed and Breakfast Association. As they traveled the state of Arkansas, Gary and Martha saw the promise of country cottages and how they could combine the two.

Martha has designed each cottage. Gary, along with their sons, Mark and Stephen, built the cottages Martha dreamed of. Gary has been building for over 30 years and has worked for many of inns in Oklahoma and Arkansas.

While Martha still works at the Arcadian Inn, Gary oversees the cottages, maintaining hot tubs, keeping raccoons away, mowing and mowing and mowing.