Private Candlelight Dinner


For an extra treat of 1st class service, let us serve a 4 course dinner, catered by Lottinvilles, in the privacy of your own guest-suite.


  • Garden Salad for two

  • Soup for two: Baked Potato or Tomato Basil (Choose one)

  • Choice of entrée: (choose one)
    • Bennett’s Rotisserie Roast chicken served with Garlic Mashed Pototoes and Vegetable of the Day

    • Crispy Tilapia, with Mashers, Sweet Corn Pico and sweet and spicy tartar

    • Wood-grilled Pork Tenderloin topped with warm Fig Chutney , and sweet potatoes

    • Wood-grilled Sirloin with Mashers and Vegetable of the Day

  • Dessert for Two: ( Choose one)
    • The Wedge-8 layer chocolate ganache, chocolate chip cake
    • New York Cheesecake for two.

  • Beverage Choices: Ice Tea, Ice Water, Coffee

Served at 7:30 pm at one time to allow your privacy during dinner.