Twenty Fourteen has proven to be a delightful year to be out in the country.  Overnight rains have greened up the woods.  The fires nearby have driven the wildlife over near the cottages.  Many bunnies are hopping around, even found a nest of baby bunnies under a tree!  We have a deer that has been around alot but don’t try to take his picture, we call him “Colonel Flagg” because he is so good at disappearing.  bunny in meadow after fire aarons gateWe are excited to have so many out of state guests with us this year.  Yet it is so much fun to be great hide-away for you locals too.  Check-out our new website for great ideas for your next “getaway”!

The trees are getting ready for green. March, Spring Fever, Spring Break Getaways, longer days, warmer breezes. Aaron’s Gate is great for enjoying the touches of nature. Stargazing from your private hot tub, walking along a country road, throwing rocks into the pond, smelling the rain in the trees, taking a turn in the tire swing…

Aaron’s Gate Country Getaways
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Dancing under the stars, the sweet smell of the trees in the forest, the warmth of the country sunrise, Valentines is sweet in the country! Aaron’s Gate is all about the two of you. Private “honeymoon” cottages to celebrate your beloved. Valentine movies, Valentine candy, Valentine Spirit. But that “Country Lovin’ Feelin’ is just for February! We celebrate the “spirit of Valentines” year round at Aaron’s Gate! Reserve some Valentine Time today!

Aaron’s Gate Country Getaways

Guthrie, Oklahoma Honeymoon Cottages